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Weather Channel Branded Background Designs

Branded background designs for the Weather Channel app and website.

Client: The Weather Channel   •   Designer: Tom Nguyen

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“I Voted” NYC Votes Sticker

Mock up design for NYC Votes sticker.

Client: NYC Votes
Designer: Tom Nguyen

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Garnier Whole Blends

Design updates across all digital platforms (website, social media, & banners) to introduce Garnier's new line of products called Whole Blends

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Client: Garnier   •   Creative Agency: Publicis   •    Lead Designer: Tom Nguyen

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Dumpling Tour NYC

Custom lettering and logo design for Dumpling Tour NYC. DTNYC is an annual motorcycle charity ride that benefits the NYIC (New York Immigration Coalition). NYIC is a nonprofit who helps fight against immigrant discrimination.

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Client: Dumpling Tour NYC   •   Lead Designer: Tom Nguyen

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CoverGirl Capitol Beauty Studio

Inspired by the 12 districts of Hunger Games Catching Fire, CoverGirl launches a campaign to promote its new line of makeup called the Capitol Beauty Collection.

Client: CoverGirl  •   Creative Agency: Geometry   •   Lead Designer: Tom Nguyen

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Hertz vRAC In-Car Tablet

GUI design for the Hertz NeverLost In-Car Tablet

Client: Hertz Rental Car   •   Creative Agency: G2   •   Lead Designer: Tom Nguyen

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Goldfish: Team Xtreme Sweepstakes

A mix of illustration & design work for a sweepstakes page on Pepperidge Farm’s Goldfishfun.com

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Client: Pepperidge Farm   •   Creative Agency: G2   •   Lead Designer: Tom Nguyen

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Magic the Gathering Toolbox App

iPhone and iPad interface design for Magic the Gathering App.

Client: Wizards of the Coast   •   Creative Agency: HoverState   •   Lead Designer: Tom Nguyen

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Inheritance Quest

Interface design for the Inheritance Facebook game app. The game promotes the fourth book of the Inheritance Cycle. Designs include all badges, cards, and iconography.

Client: Random House
Creative Agency: HoverState
Creative Director: Nick Braccia
Lead Designer: Tom Nguyen

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Scholastic Instagram Posts

Client: Scholastic
Designer/Prop Artist/Photographer: Tom Nguyen

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